nternet Magazine QQ left ZCOM right

nternet Magazine QQ left ZCOM right

Left or right too too is not conducive to long-term development, two kinds of network magazine QQ and ZCOM represents the final still will have competition closer to the center and was only temporary.

China in today’s Network magazine industry, QQ network magazine and ZCOM is the two largest leader. According to common sense, QQ and ZCOM

should be put on a bayonet fight in the online magazine on the market, but in fact it is at peace. Why is this so?

from the product form, QQ network magazine is the Journal of the original PDF format, is a paper magazine online publishing; ZCOM is the Flash format, is adapted according to the content of the paper magazine. Aimed at two kinds of different forms of the different characteristics of readers, QQ is the "text" readers favorite form, though a PDF format of the article on the computer to read the paper through direct experience with the magazine, but QQ provides a huge free magazine library, this is it charm. Especially the quality of many of today’s magazine uneven, only a few different readers interested in a magazine content, buy magazines cost down, free reading for readers is cheerful.

from the positioning point of view, both of which are network magazine publishing platform, as a new distribution channel of traditional media. But QQ network magazine is more simple, more simple business model. The magazine industry has not been issued by the interests of the issue is to rely on the circulation to convince advertisers, the status quo of the achievements of the QQ network magazine, because it greatly increased the number of magazine circulation. This is the reason why QQ can gather 300 kinds of magazines in a short time. But positioning itself in the distribution channels, resulting in a single profit model. It is difficult for the magazine to pay for the QQ, for the magazine, "free" is equivalent to pay the issue cost. QQ Network Magazine’s current source of income is the monthly subscription, users spend 5 yuan per month package to see all the magazines, by this way to the fee is too difficult. The reason is very simple, there are free who would like to see the charges. >

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