Liu Qiangdong hand in hand tomato girl more than three years to learn how to spread the risk of entr

Liu Qiangdong hand in hand tomato girl more than three years to learn how to spread the risk of entr

2012 generations of e-commerce will be kicked off, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong at the meeting to share their views on e-commerce. He advised Entrepreneurs: never take the platform road, because it takes too much capital support.

tomato door is not marketing but helpless

for the past day to make the tomato door rash and too much in haste, Liu Qiangdong was given a positive response, he said: "the tomato door is not a marketing, but for the accident. In China’s Internet environment, Internet users like gossip, I just want a quiet life, even if it can not engage in a one night stand and colleagues.

Liu Qiangdong also admitted that he and the tomato door hero together for more than three years, this time, the tomato door is accidentally taken photos.

do not rely too much on platform

for the new entrants into the industry entrepreneurs, Liu Qiangdong suggested that we should not take the road of the platform, because it requires too much money to support. For this Liu Qiangdong cited an example with Taobao, he believes that if your customers are from Taobao, so for entrepreneurs, is a risky thing, because it may be a problem, Liu Qiangdong give advice: entrepreneurs who want to use their own resources at hand as much as possible changes. Find resources, up flow, and not overly dependent on a platform.

Institute distribution risk

second, Liu Qiangdong advised the entrepreneurs must learn distribution risk, do not put the egg in a basket. He believes that entrepreneurs should have its own brand sales division in two to three platforms, so if there is a platform and other platform distribution problems who are not afraid of risk, only you have the living environment.

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