Wangzhuan experience communication skills

Wangzhuan experience communication skills

With my

do Wangzhuan experience, write to share with you! I hope a little help to make friends


a collection of skills

registered a multi site, your favorites will be very messy, Tencent browser collection of content, the end will no longer display. The solution is as follows: click on the collection and finishing to build new Favorites folder, create a mailbox folder (if you mail it), then set up 1, 2 money money…… Folder, so you can register your site will be added to the folder you need to collect.

in addition, in your hard disk to create a money folder, you will be registered on the site of the information from the mailbox paste out to save, so as to avoid the free mailbox maintenance and other reasons for the loss of raw materials.

two, Wangzhuan file

if has EXCEL your computer, create a workbook, save your Book2 E_GOLD, STORMPAY and other information, and Book1 will you register with the site listed in the format, set their own, the relationship between the cells with a function definition, then every day you read the mail, click, look after the money state your money number, registration number up, every day you can know the how much money, how about payment. If you’re not familiar with EXCEL or your computer is not installed the software, find a number of pages in more than 200 pages of the diary or other hard notebook, can also record.

three, create their own website, the development of offline

on the Internet to rent 100 megabytes of space, the production of a site and the same page, and then through the mail, forums, mass messaging software, etc., to promote your site, I believe you will soon be successful. This site links a list, you can click to see. Rent the space can be pure HTML, product description says that the script language and database support, practical support (you can see the station left the left. Welcome, is the scripting language), free to send two level domain name, his price is 280 yuan, if you are the master under the line station can you contact, bargain, and send you the website Raiders on QQ, to help you create your own love ". The master is using the space for the system of "production has a certain experience, if you have the required content ready, stationmaster guarantee you finished in half a day, you can even take the web content through the webmaster to copy and paste, and establish the same website webmaster in an hour (which need to yo). Of course, you don’t want to use this space, you can search other websites on the Internet, now online rental space, very much, you can click here, then, in the box, enter the "virtual host", click on the GOOGLE search, can be found in many websites, pick a register can satisfy you the.

four, the production of advertising skills

if above

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