The shop to the United States

The shop to the United States

now open shop in Taobao entrepreneurship is nothing new, as long as the good use of resources, whether part-time or full-time SOHO entrepreneurship, to earn a stable income is not difficult.

Griswold for 03 years in Taobao opened stores, compared to the immediate environment of electronic commerce, then shop business face greater distrust, but also need to recognize is that early shop better than now, the gradual improvement of the conditions of domestic electronic commerce also makes C2C the competition. Personally think that the accumulation of personal brand independent shop is the development trend in the future, compared to Taobao and the alien small shops, with Alipay and other mature online payment tool with a domain independent C2C shop not only more personalized, and further development may.

if you have the ability to communicate in English and source of goods, then the shop to the United States to go more money.

Griswold and so I believe that many eBay tells the story of the wealth of the seller, the majority of people belong to the soft, gun draft, to know that eBay is promoting multinational certification, so as to beat Taobao to snatch market weapons. But generally speaking, foreign trade shop profits can reach two times the country, friends joked, the price figures do not change, the RMB into dollars.

opened the shop are aware of, all day long in the computer next to the business is very uncomfortable, and no reply, potential buyers have changed places shopping. Foreign buyers do not bother, the letter, email is the main way of communication, there are not so many strange questions, simply explain it, really worry and effort.

of course, choose the right product is key to foreigners sell all kinds of crafts and strong ethnic characteristics is the preferred object, which is the core competitiveness of China seller, if you want to Dongguan small factory production of high imitation Nike placed in the eBay on the call, I have no way.

is not limited to the sale of goods in kind, your photography and small software can find buyers. You can even put your photographic works to the full size of the store to sell, will be used to pay you to pay, the protection of intellectual property rights of foreigners is worthy of our respect. And if you have the gift of programming, App Store is definitely stronger than eBay, full of creative iPhone applications will have to pay a lot of downloads, of course, the premise is that your product is sufficient reason to pay. App Store download the largest application of iPhone is a small program called Flight Control, only $0.99 unit price has accumulated millions of downloads.


to open the store to the United States, of course, this blog is not so easy to write naturally, behavior habits and cultural differences will have to consider, the most obvious is the different electronic payment tools around the country

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