Synchronous push founder Xiong Jun there is no ideal but ideal

Synchronous push founder Xiong Jun there is no ideal but ideal


Xiong Jun (Sina Technology Plan)

Xiong Jun was 100 thousand dollars to sell 91 mobile phone assistant prototype, but also in his "sell" the dragon, and eventually made 91 assistant. However, he did not fully display in large companies, and finally came out of the synchronization push.

the following is Xiong Jun’s confession: "to large companies.

oral / Xiong Junwen /

I was born in 1982. When I was in high school, I began to write code when people were playing games with learning machines. Completing the volunteer college entrance examination, I would like to apply for Huaqiao University, but a friend told me that Quanzhou is a private Yang’en University, which students have a computer, I took a decision as soon as the University, and will be reported as the first choice of computer. But my college entrance examination scores are not ideal, in the end I not only did not get on the computer, but also be adjusted to the computer and nothing related to the accounting profession.

let me depressed is that I went to the University was found fooled, where it is true that every student has a computer, but the computer is the students themselves to buy, not the school issued. So in order to save money to buy a computer, I was the most miserable day to eat a bag of instant noodles, finally in the semi semester bought the first computer in life. After graduation, I went to Xiamen to do a ERP software company in Taiwan, and was quickly promoted to become the youngest director of the company, managing a small team of 10 people.

Enter the Dragon

I have always had a special liking for Apple’s products. In September 2007, I bought the first generation of iPhone, but I found that there was no way to copy it to the computer. In order to solve these problems, I use their spare time to write several small programs, from October began to be uploaded to the Internet, and ultimately, the functions of these tools together, developed a product called "iPhone PC Suite" tool.

this tool is very welcomed by the users, by November 2007, light Wei Feng has accumulated 200 thousand users on the Internet about. At that time coincided with Netdragon listed in Hongkong, Liu Jiande (Netdragon chairman) assistant to find me, I hope to visit the dragon, was also not the buy this product, so I hold play attitude to Fuzhou. After arriving there, Netdragon proposed to purchase price of 100 thousand yuan. From a Taiwan company into a listed company, the temptation to me is still very large, I think about it, and finally agreed to.

December 17, 2007, I officially entered the inaugural netdragon. At that time, Netdragon wireless division is not established, just within the company shouted, said plans to engage in a mobile phone, asked people not willing to participate in the program, so temporarily from a few strokes of people. Just because of the dragon "

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