Through the recruitment website daily income

Through the recruitment website daily income

to promote the recruitment of posts through the recruitment site to achieve directional flow of advertising services. Why do we want to advertise for the web site and not to send other websites because we want to promote a part-time advertising, recruitment site advertising effect is of course the best. And in the recruitment website recruitment information by N benefits:

1 recruitment site members are mostly looking for work, do a good job advertising effect.

2 release of the existence of a long cycle of information, the general information is about 30-60 days. Much better than the forum.

3 in the recruitment website to publish a message a few users can visit every day. (not too few, recruitment information released a long time, the information can give you with a few users every day. Release the one hundred message is that N users visit every day. We have to do is to send N recruitment information, of course, you do not be silly in a recruitment website N recruitment information, each station issued 3-4 is enough. Look for a few stations, recruitment website.


3 most of the recruitment site is free to publish recruitment information. Free drops. Don’t charge.

we want to promote advertising is a part-time advertising. By mobile phone registration is divided into, when there is a user recommended by your successful registration, you will get 6 yuan Commission, the income is a day, as long as there is income on the same day to the settlement..


1 can access a computer. (nonsense)

2 intelligent Internet users. If you are a pig, you will do it.


3 Alipay account or commercial bank account (used to drop money.


4 registered a new mailbox (behind the mailbox to say that the use of)

5 advertising alliance account (below there is a tutorial)

well, if you do a good job in the early days of the statement that you earn a hundred dollars away from the near a little bit.

prepared to do, then we start it!

first step registration advertising alliance:

open the advertising alliance web page, and then click the member registration. Fill in the information in accordance with the actual situation, it is important to do not fill in the account receivables, or receive money. Note: if you want to fill in my account, I am also happy to drop. Web site name and URL we do not have, can fill in one, this is not important. After completing the registration, click.

login after successful registration. After the login can see the members of the background. I give you the background function:

latest announcement: Union announcement.

password: do not understand the words to die.

modify information: ibid. >

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