Amoy summary reflections of the novice Amoy

Amoy summary reflections of the novice Amoy

06 years of virgin station, and later garbage war, and then later because of work, but also because of laziness, fade out to do stand, until two months ago and jumped into the circle, the purpose is still simple into the year, money.

I chose to be a guest, the other regular station is a long and hard struggle to take great perseverance, only guest, I feel relatively easy to quick. I have no choice to promote a single product, single product cycle short, must be updated regularly, or failure, a single product directly to the visitors, the turnover rate is relatively high, and Taobao millions of data through the API call processing, after doing SEO, the effect is even more attractive, but I am not stupid, so I choose API. The shop, the lazy strategy, to open the door to visitors, choose what to buy.

a month and a half of the pain is worth it, because the drill, and not many people buy, but the volume is still ok. Talk about experience:

a, Baidu included

record by day, I am very excited by a joy, happiness, the number of stores to 1000 human flesh is a happy, successful on-line. Immediately to Admin5 after tying rice, crying, the night went to several big forum is the fire (weight, flow, visibility did not say) made a garbage post, second days a site, I X, included! Sadly more than and 20 days later Baidu never stopped at home, the date in the by day; Google included is increasing day by day.

is sad, Baidu and Google on the crown 123 ( of the amount collected is also good, two big spiders to IP every day not more than ten, especially Google, several days not to IP is also graced! Search page from dozens of pages, I do not know what a rookie search. I hold a word flip over


checked, think it is the sand box. New sites online said, perseverance, yes, since you don’t know SEO, only insisted that every update is not how difficult things, maybe someday, spiders will find your light.

two, commission rate

had increased flesh shop, only the number, but the quality, resulting in a lot of shops in the high commission rate on the ID database, and part of the Commission to lower the ratio of ID and the shop front, and a visitor browsing depth is not deep, so sometimes the volume is OK, but the Commission is surprisingly low. So now I just update the store, pick up the rate of commission can also store updates, the effect is good, sometimes can upset a single transaction.

In fact,

shop more, visitors are not concerned, because they do not have the patience to browse from A to Z one by one, such as the use Baidu Search, I used to be just one to two pages, if not, in other words, so the shop according to the rate of commission ordering will less volume but high commission, on the new station is good >

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