n the first video ads encountered helpless things

n the first video ads encountered helpless things

made a few sites, there has been no advertising is now in a broadcast station do (www.izhibo.cn), due to the live site a lot of energy, so still hope to have some income, do mom is almost no income, GG don’t need to say. Just in the group of friends to hear the news of a friend said the first video advertising is good, and then a few days ago to apply for a look, the results yesterday to see also passed.

then began to re design the page as the first video ads before the user can apply for the size of the 255*235 player, but now can only apply for 300*271, although already occupied by the serious place this page, I do not say. It took a few hours to get a new home page and add the first video ad. Began to hope for the first video, but today I went to the background to see, suddenly found my bank address filled in the wrong, of course, they have no right to modify. I quickly contact the customer service staff, they also answered my question for the first time, but the result is that I am very dissatisfied.

customer service said the information in order to protect the interests of the owners, is unable to modify. Of course, if you need to make a special change, you can make a written application, you need to apply for the reasons for change, all of the personal information, personal signature, ID card copy, etc.. I faint, I am a student, where to fax machines, our side of the copy agency, printing press, etc. there is no fax machine, is a relatively backward place. I order a fax machine, skipping to the city looking for? After I repeated to plead with the customer service personnel, they still can only say sorry, maybe you can ask a few more.

although the problem is caused by me, but your request is too harsh, there is no human at all. I’ve seen other advertising sites, for example, to other people’s network of soft information is wrong, as long as you contact customer service, said clearly before your account and your personal information, they will modify the verification. So far there is nothing to do, and the first video, continue to use my more concise page.

can also be seen from the human nature is how important, I hope the first video can be improved later. Otherwise, it is a failure.