Zou Shenglong ‘m in later life to thunder leather

Zou Shenglong ‘m in later life to thunder leather

although it is impossible to give up the traditional Internet business, but from the beginning of this year, the thunder really determined to fight in the traditional and mobile Internet two lines.


oral | thunder co-founder, CEO Zou Shenglong, | Hao

interview arrangement

more recent rumors about the thunder, while selling to Baidu, while selling 360. I think this rumor is more like entertainment, they both have nothing to fight after the media crowd, incidentally we get involved.

In fact,

acquisition or merger is unlikely to happen.

first, I and Cheng Hao (Note: Thunder co-founder) itself is a very important investor, the company has absolute control, as long as we do not want to sell, no one can do.

followed by the value of the company today, if you want to buy a premium thunder, cash operations require $2 billion ~30 billion, the industry can afford to buy a few.

again, only in the downhill, the company may consider looking for someone to pick up the disk, but the reality is not the case. Thunder’s revenue is still growing in double growth, earnings are still rising, why sell?

restore IPO through

by the end of 2010, thunder began to consider starting IPO. February 2011, thunder in the pre roadshow received $1 billion 500 million valuation of $~20. With confidence in the capital market, the thunder set foot on the NASDAQ IPO road.

at the end of March 2011, the Qihoo’s successful listing, brought more confidence to the thunder. However, a series of negative capital market subsequent events make thunder unexpected.

Longtop financial scandal erupted, Alipay VIE event triggered the credit crisis, the largest IPO year has shrunk dramatically to 60%, investors suffered huge losses, the capital market began to enter the winter! We were in Hongkong to hold about 3 weeks, just want to see if the market can not be done, considering for a long time, have to bite the bullet but, to the United States after the situation much worse than we thought.

In fact,

before we have adjusted the mentality valuation from 1 billion 500 million ~20 million to 10~15 million, we can accept is 1 billion 200 million, is in the original valuation basis can be reduced by 25%, but still does not work, they had to adjust, and finally locked in 700 million. This is their bottom line before the cut, we simply can not accept the cancellation of the IPO.

I think in Wall Street, $1 billion is a watershed, IPO 1 billion is a small company. At that time the whole market in decline, and then fell to 5 hundred million, the thunder will really become a small company, and then climb to the 1 billion will be difficult.

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