Website promotion

Website promotion

After the completion of the home page, website promotion work should begin. If not for the home page publicity, there is no one to find your home page, you have the website and for what? The following is my website to promote the promotion of seven magic:

1 direct recommend to friends and relatives

2 in search engine registration

search source of engine users to find the information you need the most important, the success of the Yahoo has eloquently illustrates this point. Because of this, the search engine is also the site owners to promote the best camp. There are three ways to register a search engine:

1 active search engine website registrationYou can find the "registration website"

in many search engines on the website, click on the link to add your site record. But to remind you that some search engine website home does not have a registered website link, but to the directory below the only. Most search engines can be used this way to register, such as YAHOO Chinese, travel etc..

2 for search engines to automatically search for registration

3 by batch submission software or web service