A case triggered by the actual thinking of staff motivation

A case triggered by the actual thinking of staff motivation



has a letter from a friend asked:

I am in the early stages of entrepreneurship, the company’s main research and development of a new product, the product is ready to go on sale after the development. Because the size of the company is relatively small, but also want to attract and retain talent, I would like to ask whether we should set up a higher salary or the company’s hardware and environment.

my reply and suggestions are:

1, large companies and small companies, relying solely on money to attract, retain and motivate employees, it is not incentive, but bribery and bribery.

2, for start-up companies, the most important is not employee retention, but the recruitment and selection of staff. You must first select the employees who is willing to change the hard pioneer life and destiny, those on your business, products, businesses themselves interested, even passionate employees.

3, for start-up companies, to provide an appropriate working environment is important, but can not pass the signal to enjoy the enjoyment of the corrosive will and spirit of hard work. To establish a comfortable working environment, we establish solidarity and overcome difficulties together, pull together in times of trouble and the spirit of faith is more important.

4, compensation design, as a startup, the first thing to consider is to be able to make sure that you pay can cover the employee’s normal living expenses (including the spiritual life, especially for the new generation of employees and intellectual employees).

if possible, can keep the industry average or slightly higher; and after meeting the conditions, than to pay employees more cash than to improve the external environment of industry, more important is to cultivate employees, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial awareness, and let him see the prospect of the development of the company and personal occupation development hope;

on the basis of this, more importantly, is to be able to establish and obtain the trust of employees, let him believe that he follow you, follow the company is promising, in the future, and the future you will share with him, and he is.

some thoughts on employee motivation

1, the real motivation, is to determine and stimulate the "motivation" (motivation is the reason why people do everything). It should not be understood as a matter of joy and pleasure, pleasure or excitement.

2, the idea that people need to be motivated first, and then have an action is superficial. Most of the time, people act because they feel they have a duty to do so. Victor, a famous psychologist in Austria, ·, found that people can be motivated by "meaning" or "the pursuit of meaning"". If one finds meaning, or finds meaning in something else