What kind of Wangzhuan is healthy and promising

What kind of Wangzhuan is healthy and promising

this is a discussion of personal webmaster Wangzhuan prospect of paste technology, it can not avoid the mention of my own station. You can see this article is a bit of technical content of advertising stickers. Do not like to leave immediately. But I believe if you take a few minutes to read this passage. There must be some feelings. Some new ideas.

I contact the Internet for 7 years

. Experience the same as most people from indulging in online games to finally rely on the network to eat. I finally chose to open a small Web Consulting Ltd. Guide enterprises to the internet. Rely on consulting and site. But because see or hear that a legendary Wangzhuan story. Have been wondering how to do traffic Wangzhuan, do a few "junk" station. And make some money. But more and more feel uneasy conscience. Look back at the legends. Basic can not be copied. But they also found that only legal loophole to do some speculation. How many people cheated the hard-earned money. The most typical Mo play SP era. Borrow a word of chairman "to have, the number of truly great men also see"

put aside those stories. In front of the personal Adsense in addition to standing at the top of the wise (I always think China individual stationmaster is the wisdom of the day) had a wild stock or floating clouds like gods, enjoy life. Most owners are still faced with more and more perfect control system, more and more risk, lower and lower unit price, fewer and fewer checks. When you are melancholy sigh. I can tell you responsibly. This is not a real winter, not far in the future when the law is sound. Resolutely put an end to the act of infringement, piracy is like grasping the same time as the current pornography. These rely on movies, pictures and other free resources to eat the webmaster who should go. Perhaps not unexpected, but most owners do not dare to think, do not think..

now maybe some late into the topic, but I’m a wordy person. Please tell me what to

now popular several Wangzhuan is nothing but an offline MLM model pull a cheat (strong BS) belongs to a wicked person, guide the registration, such as sub pay. And the promotion of click ads and mobile phone download registration. We are from legal and moral aspects to analyze this several Wangzhuan mode.
root 1, pull off the assembly line is illegal fraud. Advise on what is being done and prepare to do it in time.
2, guide the registration, although there are suspected of inducing the consumer. But there is a wish to fight. Too much
4, click on the ads and theme promotion. GG and Baidu are the most influential. >