588link alliance black home Adsense stop his alliance

588link alliance black home Adsense stop his alliance

we go to Baidu or Google search: traffic exchange. There is a www.588link.com. Tell everybody. Please don’t do it. Black home / this is my personal experience. I have a few stations all linked to his union code ad. Here I give you a chat record.

sunset 20:51:06

588link customer service in


sunset 00:13:54


sunset 21:52:25


sunset 21:52:27

in no

Tang Haizhong 21:52:51


sunset 21:53:31

588link why all of my points are gone. The code that was restored yesterday. What’s wrong with today’s score 0?

sunset 21:57:39

does not reply to

sunset 21:58:05

said that if he did not. I am now in written evidence. We go to the webmaster nets see.

sunset 21:58:27

lets you 588link what’s going on behind.

Tang Haizhong 21:59:27

how many points?

Tang Haizhong 21:59:36

last night before the database recovery

sunset 22:00:05

more than 2 thousand. If today do there may be more than five thousand or six thousand.

sunset 22:00:19

is also hundreds of money.

sunset 22:00:53

don’t see webmaster good money. Search engine becomes a K station soaked through

Tang Haizhong 22:01:23

what are you selling?

sunset 22:01:40

yes. I sell someone else.

Tang Haizhong 22:01:49

did you sell it to me,


sunset 22:02:10

if you say yes, I can sell you.

Tang Haizhong 22:02:50

no, aren’t you selling points in 588?

sunset 22:03:51