No advertising fees received

No advertising fees received

some time ago, I believe we see the above Admin5 ad. this ad…

saw yesterday that the king had changed his advertisement. It is estimated that the advertisement is due

their alliance is starting to play hooligans, too!

17 No. 18 did not have the money to settle the.19 number 0:30 or so. After the show has been paid to the background of the union, but did not receive money on the bank card

2 days ago did not pay to see it has been strange. Now it seems that they are ready to take the hard money to run the webmaster.

up at 12 this morning, they have a home page to keep the phone number of the information has been deleted. Only left a QQ number

this is a little more sure that they are ready to take the money to run the webmaster


please pay attention. Don’t do their alliance. So as not to be deceived!

settlement date to submit a number of odd commission payment date 2007-07-19 00:31:30 324734204 yuan 0000-00-00

background display has been settled, but the bank card did not receive money.

this is their union information



now has deleted the contact number on their home page!