ncrease your click rate with color

ncrease your click rate with color

4.1  design your website

I’ve been to a fashion show, and all the models are wearing the same black suit. Too monotonous? Not always! The show

is used to display platinum jewelry, so all of the costume design for the purpose of foil Jewelry – but can not distract the attention of the audience.  

of course you don’t have to the whole site into the same color, but to think of a way to make advertising become the most attract visitors attention to the part of the page, like

those platinum jewelry.  

a lot of sites with strong graphic elements can really attract attention, but also affect the effectiveness of advertising.  

good Adsense advertising display page requires very careful design, a lot of visual elements such as font, font size, color, pictures, tables, and so on,

can’t casually choose.  

carefully dress up your Adsense ads, let them become a bright pearl on the site.  

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above, in this web page, Tim Carter uses clever design to make the ads in the center of the page’s attention  

4.2  let the border go!

this simple tips can

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