Silicon Valley tycoon Anderson warned do not burn crazy startups

Silicon Valley tycoon Anderson warned do not burn crazy startups

American venture capitalists, Netscape Co founder Mark ·


technology news Beijing time on September 26th morning news, U.S. venture capitalists, Netscape Co founder Mark · Anderson (Marc Andreessen) has always denied the technology bubble, but he was on Thursday warned of the status of the industry of science and technology.

this topic is the first by the Us Venture Capital Firm Benchmark Bill · (Bill Gurley); Gregory initiated, he accepted the "Wall Street journal" in an interview last week when used to move massive burn start-up companies warned.

Anderson also agrees with this view, he said, although the start-up companies in the past 10 years can rely on rising valuations, easy to raise funds, but this situation can not be sustained".

Twitter he also said: "when the market changes (the market sooner or later will change), we will find out who is swimming naked: many companies will burn too fast evaporation."

he added: "when the market changes, mergers and acquisitions activities will stop, no one will buy your burning machine. When there is no B plan, only to die." Therefore, start-up companies should be worried".

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Twitter message is then released, Anderson also mentioned that his Vc firm Andreessen Horowitz is no longer on the growth stage of the investment company, mainly because hedge funds and other public market investors are pouring into private markets, pushing up venture company valuation.

, however, Anderson also specifically stressed that these ideas apply only to the capital market, the normal cycle of change, does not mean that we are in a bubble. However, the majority of venture capitalists should be aware of this, and it is possible to discuss the issue at the meeting next Monday.

in fact, Sequoia Capital as early as 2008 had asked them to invest in start-up companies pay special attention to spending, in response to possible market recession. However, after the subsequent financial crisis, Silicon Valley once again ushered in the capital feast. However, Anderson and Gary as venture capitalists remind, may make startups again realize that nothing lasts. (Yu


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