How to create the biggest commercial value

How to create the biggest commercial value

previously, people do not know the site can also make money, are interested in doing the station, just by virtue of a hobby and fun to do, slowly people began to find that the original site can be used to make money.

later, the network advertisement is more and more developed, for the website monthly form of advertising from the original, into the pay alliance form, which is currently popular form.

slowly, the site of the competition is more and more big, people began to pay attention to the site of SEO, then connect the business that appeared in front of us, connected business is now the most for a piece of hot in the webmaster circle, more and more people have joined the ranks, there are more the webmaster to earn money from.

saw the emergence of a new business recently in A5, that is the forum signature picture trading services, I think this business is very promising, each forum has his particular service in the crowd, and each forum have those who hope that the publicity of business or enterprise, so how to combine the two the small, use the signature to maximize


I came first for example, such as outdated, A5, CHINAZ such professional webmaster forum, most of his service object is the webmaster, then the alliance with IDC in this forum is to promote, they can make good use of signature and head of the resources to give their own brand website.

also, such as women’s website, how this website to use signature? First of all, the analysis of user group is what, it is self-evident, it is certainly the majority of our female friends, so our female friends on what is most interested in it, of course, clothes, bags, cosmetics and the like pull, ha ha.

through this analysis, we are open shop friends, can take advantage of this resource, in the professional women’s forum, signature and avatar to give their members to buy goods advertising, like counterparts in advertising, the effect is very good.

a small signature can create business model and cooperation in numerous, now the Internet and lots of resources are not developed and utilized, rather we have not been found.

I think the signature and the head of the forum will be the best place to become soft advertising in the future, the market will be very large.

A5 now the business launched a perfect intermediary service, I think it is very good, and we guarantee the interests of both parties, although a small signature, but can create infinite value of each item to play it in the hands of different people’s values are different, it depends on how do you use to reasonable and use him.


is a small single signature, the price is not high, but Many a little make a mickle. We must pay attention to the transaction in the transaction security, the best intermediary through A5 or Alipay, after all network >

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