Webmaster friends you look for the nternet every day

Webmaster friends you look for the nternet every day

I believe that many webmaster in confusion, are thinking, how do I stand, how should I do, my website and how to make money. Why do I always make ends meet, why my Wangzhuan dream is always so far away, oh ~ ~ I think 80% of all is the case of


in fact, I am also the same as everyone! For several years, to tell the truth, I really did not earn any money. All day with a ghost, depressed dead!

often go to the site to see, to tell you the truth, I said today is really likely to offend some leaders. But I think if they can see it, maybe they can provide some useful information to the webmaster.

now the truth is really to our webmaster do not really use, most of the content is some very shallow articles, or making a fuss, or just like:

B2C success: satisfaction experience plus repeated contact with external power

improve the user experience focusing on the early lead SNS website


experience summary: the 12 step to help you complete the success of optimizing business website

this kind of article, to tell you the truth?. Because these operations, no big use what to learn, but this is not what we need most of the webmaster content, now I think 90% is personal webmaster, you can operate this kind of stuff! The webmaster you can ask yourself, these articles are useful to you?! "the truth we need is what kind of things, money is the most important, how to make money, organize content, engage in traffic, money is the most concerned, the environment is the need to know, is the need to know, but there is no need to get so deep, there is no need to say is what the wind What are the industry analysis of it.

I speak some irresponsible! See some articles earlier is good as "regional real estate network to make money and guide the operation of" guide to this article to tell the truth this is the webmaster we need most, because it is out of practice, to tell the truth the webmaster can write out these I think is really to practice write this article. Although the real estate class with my website have no relevance, but this type of essay is really useful, some of the fundamental is for others to modify their own, some of their own imagination, not to implement, which is why now the webmaster to read the article is not a harvest, two is not something for their heart. This article is really less and less.


these grassroots webmaster need what money? I don’t care what other! I don’t care about Taobao and Baidu fight, I don’t care what the Internet business model, that is too deep, not my personal ability to understand, nor can I afford to invest, is my most need, how to do "

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