2013 trend of entrepreneurship is still a major trend of the trend is expected to fall

2013 trend of entrepreneurship is still a major trend of the trend is expected to fall


2012, we are witnessing and experiencing the convenience of life brought about by the development of science and technology, but also to see the market segmentation, consumer demand brought about by the refinement of the greater market potential. Any industry has the possibility of differentiation, so 2013 is destined to be a year of market segmentation. (the following assumptions are based on December 21, 2012 we can survive:)

peripheral social reminder application

when the perimeter appears to be the same as your interests, or the person you are looking for, the application will remind you.

this is a combination of social and location-based services. Social networking site API interface is very rich and more powerful, enough to meet the developer’s social needs. There are applications of Highlight, Glancee and other related social class started around to remind, Highlight has been welcomed by many users since the launch, has become a successful application of the year.

in addition to the popularity of smart phones has been quite high, basically all of the smart phones can be turned on location. At the same time to solve the power and user base issues surrounding social reminder to keep the user application can play a role in the background, and as long as the number of users reached a certain level, you can always find their own interests with the same people in the vicinity, in order to reflect the value of the application.

meet the above conditions, you can quickly push the product to the market. In addition to prevent the abuse of the situation.

waterfall flow is still the mainstream trend

– Pinterest waterfall flow triggered this year is popular to the extreme, it brings us a new way of browsing, reading, also brought countless imitators. At present, the most famous to imitate the number of MySpace is being revised, the horizontal version of the waterfall stream may be able to save the rapid fall of MySpace.

Pinterest in the past 2 years have 11 million users, since 2012 because of the publicity is relatively large, more attention has been paid, the light in January 500 new registered users. So, Pinterest has become the largest number of new users have been invited by the history of the fastest growing website.

limit crowd private sharing

Path, Pair is the most successful private social applications in 2012, they help people to classify friends, only to share the contents of their closest people, other friends can not see the contents of private analysis.

, for example, on Path, you can see when friends get up, when to sleep, what guests to visit and so on privacy. Although private sharing

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