The biggest mobile nternet bubble burst the end of Color to completely shut down

The biggest mobile nternet bubble burst the end of Color to completely shut down


had a moment of Color, at the top of the page released the end of the service, the announcement

yesterday evening, Color posted a notice on the official website, we hope that users can enjoy real-time video sharing. Unfortunately, after December 31, 2012 Color will no longer provide services."

according to Techcrunch reports, some of the core assets of Color has been apple to $7 million price acquisition, Color more than 20 engineers will join Apple Corp. The Color was once known as the "revolutionary social application" APP from highly touted to disillusion, only 21 months, become Silicon Valley’s biggest mobile Internet bubble in recent years.


Color can be described as a golden spoon born, just started to get $41 million in financing, including Sequoia Capital $25 million, Bain Capital $9 million, Silicon Valley bank’s $7 million loan risk. After financing the valuation of Color reached $167 million.

several founders also have an excellent background. Among them, Bill Nguyen had created music sharing service, Apple was acquired after $8 million. Another founder Peter Pham has created a financial service tool BillShrink. Product leader DJ Patil is the chief scientist of Lindedin.

in the investment, Color is not ambiguous, only to buy domain name will cost $350 thousand. This is equivalent to the start-up capital of several start-up companies.

What is

Color? It is a picture of mobile applications, without a username and password, the user opens after you can post photos, see nearby users to publish photos, "like" or comments can be added near the set group.

in order to better promote, Color also created a new word "elastic social network". The so-called flexibility, which means that Color will be based on the environment of the light intensity, distance, direction, speed and even voice will be automatically divided into different groups of users. For example, there are three users nearby, two people in the house, a person outside the house, then the house will automatically become a group of two.


photo sharing application Color CEO and co-founder Bill · Nujarn (Bill Nguyen)


Color development team at the time after the official release said, I hope this software can create a mobile

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