Liu Erchuang 7 a small personal Wangzhuan calendar.

Liu Erchuang 7 a small personal Wangzhuan calendar.


want to make money online is not short of time, not a penny from the day to do things, then even the tolls are friends fight back, because I just want to play on the Internet, a disciple is engaged in the network, he also sponsored me (when the play is network technology) now, think it is melancholy, later I also contact Wangzhuan from 0 fund to start, from the beginning of the CPA, now the auction money, between the ups and downs of others have no way to understand.

contact Wangzhuan, because this year at home test driver’s license, so I didn’t go out (we’re driving license but very well, is the most loose zone), so you want to do Wangzhuan, I was very naive, because I think it is easy to make money (in front with a man making money online, can not see the light of things, not to say), later found themselves really difficult! I had no money, no website, no name, no resources, no more traffic, but still survive.

1: first – hook money: from the beginning I watched people say money hook (that is, sardines kind) I thought, it is easy to get tens of dollars a day, is not that found second days of operation, I hung up a morning, with the calculator under a profit. A few cents an hour. I was skeptical of making money online. Emphasize: like the hook to make money things best not to do, in China, a onhook software one day to hang out for 5 cents if it is a NB onhook software, although there is a criminals used chicken hanging the software made a lot of money, but those things are not worth mentioning.

2: Second – Witkey make money, I thought that should be very easy in Witkey make money, because I think I used to play after all technology, but when I really do that what they are learning is useless, I really regret, in a Witkey for 1 weeks. Not a penny to give up. Stressed: Witkey can really make money for the novice to do small tasks to earn a little money or you can earn, but not so easy.

3: -cpa third times to make money, the thing to do is to earn a little money, then do the CPA, that is 58, I think everyone a lot of people have heard of it, in the beginning I was a few dollars a day, is to use those group mail do, later used there is a forum to promote, through the blog to do, is to use Sina’s blog and podcast, the weight is not generally high, generally have a SE word ranking to the first page, then through a video of Shoushou, playing 3 days is 17W, leading to the temptation of custom blog bus single page, give me to 1W the point of the flow. This time I know SEO this thing, only to know the powerful SEO. Later, through the fake video chat software to do, the use of video review group technology, the highest one day of profit at around 1300, the conversion rate is very high. Emphasis: These are the things of the past, although now do not have to do these things, but I would like to

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