n view of Chinese venture in to win

n view of Chinese venture in to win


no matter how busy, as long as there is free time, as long as the "win in China" this program, I always to be chased, not idiotic fans, but it must be a fan.

experience of a business failure, has not been out of the "mountain meadow" my friends often dubbed the grass root no grass root temperament (cock fried days). In their eyes, I am a fool who will only give up the stable work, give up the leadership to promote reuse, give up the so-called "winners" to invite the partnership opportunities. A rebellious paranoia, a unique "wonderful"".

however, it is experienced a business failure, only to know the hardships of entrepreneurship, it is to become a member of the entrepreneur, only to know that I am not alone. In a business practice, the road is clear; in a time of business failure, my goal is more and more clear.

In fact,

through entrepreneurship, I met a lot of entrepreneurs, among them there is no shortage of horses, but because of our country’s investment environment is not mature, information inequality, trust degree is very low, is also facing the social ideology, family pressure, is pioneering in this predicament in occasionally don’t jump out of the integrity of mouse droppings; many difficulties intertwined causes most died in the horse running.

3 years ago that story, I still remember clearly. That year, the annual dinner, he is our department age most love funny employees (we call him "old boy") in the public ridicule, was forced to finish half a catty liquor. China characteristics: banquet once started, the only way, only to drink.

I sent him home that night. Along the way he has been telling me about his 2 regrets: one is in his time as a soldier can not go to the battlefield; one is not able to stick to his dream of entrepreneurship.

he was a person in Kunming because there is no trick to a school kitchen apprentice, penniless (who retired and living expenses in addition to the money for the rest of the already handed over to the newspaper office and a copy shop in order to save money, he advertisement printed on A4 paper everywhere. ), in order to survive for two weeks to sneak into the hotel, go to someone else’s wedding, Steamed Buns leftover leftovers. Said this, his eyes did not lose, but revealed the tenacity of entrepreneurs, a kind of excitement in the face of difficulties. Finally ushered in a weekend, the first apprentice, he only received 200 yuan, also taught him a dish; because he feels it is his apprentice, but also his benefactor. A lot of things like novels, good luck button once pressed, it will not stop, six months after he has rented a house, run a real chef training class. However, the wife home good times don’t last long, gave him the final warrant, if he did not return home, divorce, the child threw him. Choose a family or career? He tangled up 2 nights, finally not not resist the pressure of parents, helpless back home.

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