Summary by way of distribution from the actual experience of guest union money

Summary by way of distribution from the actual experience of guest union money

I am a just involved in Wangzhuan industry’s new owners, the original is always heard through the network business investment, make money fast, then found a point of this industry need to pay is not easy to traditional business. I think the conversion rate has been a major bottleneck that I can not break, but not a good way. For this I have decided to give up continue to do webmaster.

recently I have been thinking about making money through the Internet in the end what way and method will be better. Just to see A5’s ongoing guest alliance hegemony activities, understand the specific situation whitening skin spring tournament guest, I suddenly had an idea, because the reward ratio is relatively high, I calculated, finally I got the price is actually relatively low. I have a friend in a Taobao A mall to be roughly the same, I think there is the opportunity to operate, with this in mind I’ll find my friends advice, can I shipped to A mall, my friend said that manufacturers need to authorize, but you can test it.

I graduated now only less than two years, risk tolerance is poor, I and my friends can I open an account to try, I also do not stock. I think so, if I can sell their goods in the mall A. Did not think of the last 3 days there was a single goods sold out. I hasten to use the way of purchasing first made a single goods. I think you can store A and cooperation, but the need for whitening skin spring manufacturers authorized, I would find the person responsible for whitening skin spring guest alliance. Whitening skin spring after consultation said after I authorize, happy bad.

I took one of my relatives, anchored by white skin spring authorization, stationed in the mall A. Because the mall A high weight, better optimization. I mainly through the optimization to attract brand traffic.

has now done more than and 10 days, sold more than 1000 yuan, I think that although the BMW is wishful thinking, but do $10 thousand or more confident. The most important thing is to find my way is not only their own site wangzhuan. Our ideas can be wider. I have now started to collect the relevant distribution platform. Ready to enter Taobao, pat, Jingdong mall, Dangdang, QQ mall, QQ online shopping platform.

I have just done, write bad, but I think the most important method. Also hope that more webmaster friends to change ideas, broaden their horizons, all roads lead to Rome.  

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