Hand to teach you to earn 500 yuan per month website

Hand to teach you to earn 500 yuan per month website

look here: This is suitable for less than 100IP, properly understand the point of a friend of SEO, by the method presented in this paper, the minimum monthly can earn 500 yuan, never cheat you, without any real experience, the technology of the above things, about a pure money mode


Hello, I am sophomore student of Wuhan University of Technology School of information and technology, in the school idle panic, games are bored, so I want to do it, before doing a website, spent more than and 20 days, did not earn much money, last month 20, himself wrote a site planning and construction scheme, with their own thoughts in order, until today, I successfully won the second pen advertising business, huh, earned advertising costs 570 yuan this month! You know my website IP only about 50


I want to say is, as long as you can think of ideas, new sites, small flow stations also can definitely make money, I through this method, a month is less than 500, you say I’m not good! Well, do not say much, now, hehe today is Friday night also please my brothers to eat, I also want to make a long story short, my experience is useful, if not, don’t hit me, thank you!

we know when personal website or blog built up, it is difficult to have good rankings, but also very few people are willing to exchange links with us, the natural weight of Baidu and GG is not good, it is painful, so Wuhan photography network from another perspective to teach you how to make money, no our website is a rare return to sustain


first: sure you want to do website, if your idea is to through the web site to make money, do not do, "* * *" * * "blog website" "* *." this is so important, we are not Han Han, no one will have to search for you, before I do E network library when, high traffic more than 20 thousand, when Baidu high weight is very basic, hot words are I do on the first page, but the flow of no use, temporary money under the GG, immediately broke the news of a down, there is no… So my experience, when standing to make money, do don’t play with "* * what".

What do

do, my understanding and suggestion, in the local network looking above, which industry website in Baidu burn most, do what kind of station, and should be accurate, hard, fine, oh wise friends estimated know what I mean, I combine the actual operation to me with that, I have been in Wuhan all walks of life website analysis after 3 hours, choose to do Wuhan photography network why do this with my ho irrelevant station, because I search in Baidu Wuhan Wuhan photography nets, photography, etc. Wuhan wedding photography, Wuhan art and so on Related words, wow a row of Baidu! Find money ah, see my heart itch thief drops, watching, doing similar photography in Wuhan station, are not updated for hundreds of years, ha chance previews the clue, then immediately.

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