Xu Xiaoping on the seven sins entrepreneurship , entrepreneurial small game became popular

Xu Xiaoping on the seven sins entrepreneurship , entrepreneurial small game became popular

recently, there is a book called "small business" defeat quickly jump red, unlike previous blindly advocating successful inspirational chicken book, the book focuses on the failure, was the 21 most classic, the most common and valuable enlightenment textbook Level case. Each case represents one of the most common failure rule, but also covers the current wave of entrepreneurship in China, the most vulnerable to the entrepreneurial trap. Also invited Niu Wenwen, Liu Qiangdong, Zhou Hongyi, Wu Xiaobo, Xu Xiaoping, He Boquan, Yao Jinbo, the most high-profile entrepreneurs Zuozhen, analysis these failure cases, zhichuo pain points. "Small business" defeat therefore known as "the most gold business textbooks".

Xu Xiaoping is the co-founder of New Oriental, as an angel investor, he invested enterprises including Jiayuan, red yellow and blue, jumei.com and other famous enterprises, more than 5 years of investment of nearly 100 projects, enterprises are seen countless. Xu Xiaoping is also the "entrepreneurial small editorial will defeat" consultant. Turning to the "entrepreneurial failure", Xu Xiaoping said: "every time I cast a project, they would think ‘is a Facebook’ – the results tend to become ‘non dead’. This is the process of looking for hope forever in despair, but also I do five or six years of investment experience and valuable experience. Business failures happen every day. So, we have to allow failure, failure to study, and generous sharing of the story of failure, and finally to learn from the wisdom of avoiding failure." Xu Xiaoping to entrepreneurs to invest in venture capital projects in the process of the seven crimes".


a, marketing is king Greatproduct, badmarketing

company A is one of the first three companies to invest in China, first-class American Business Academy, first-class talent came to China to do a new project is likely to overthrow the new oriental. They are based on the Internet, can meet countless people online learning. It can be said that there is no lack of good products and good education team, but there has been no local marketing experts, there is no localization, good products are not sold out. So five years later, the company was forced to sell to others, and now basically failed.

the company’s lesson is: marketing is king, no marketing, the product is no good no use. In turn, China is no lack of bad products, but because of marketing and a great success. For example, the melatonin advertised as tonic as "gold wine liquor, marketing is" next to children to buy gold wine to the parents, why don’t you buy for me?". Wicked marketing is marketing. I don’t want to do that, but you have to learn how to do it.

two, team spirit Greatteam, badSpirit

this is a business model enough to threaten the New Oriental online education company, the project is very good. But after the cast, the team out of the question: A find technology and market, and then find an investor, the investor found B and C, ABC together. Everybody wants to send

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