Understanding and responding to Google Adsense revenue fluctuations

Understanding and responding to Google Adsense revenue fluctuations

publishers are very concerned about fluctuations in income, and today we will help you in-depth analysis of how to know the reasons behind the fluctuations in income, and take appropriate measures.

first, as we all know, AdSense revenue depends on the following factors: the amount of display; click through rate (CTR); the price per click (CPC). At the same time, there are a lot of quality sites and advertising revenue. The following analysis of these key factors

display quantity change

if you find that the reason for the change in income is that the amount of advertising has changed, you should take the following actions:

view the site is not to show the public service ads, or advertising display encountered technical problems, or is not a violation of the policy of the site was stopped advertising. If the ad is not displayed on the site, it will not record the amount of display.

do not forget the search engine traffic. Use the webmaster tools to ensure that the Google is properly captured and included in your site. Recall that you are not on the site to do the promotion, is not a promotion campaign is over, so the flow of the decline is not a site link to your site, to bring you a lot of traffic?

CTR change

CTR is often reduced due to the site’s interface or advertising positioning is not good enough. So when CTR is down, you should start from the perspective of improving the site interface and advertising positioning, check whether the site grab out of the problem. If the AdSense system is unable to grab your web page, it may display irrelevant ads.

you are not just to modify the website? Is not new advertising layout caused the decrease of CTR? You can refer to the problem of layout optimization techniques to improve our advertising, using 728x90300x250160x600 three "trump card" advertising format, and try to put the first screen advertising on the home page and the content page, can effectively improve the CTR.

CTR if you continue to slowly decline, it is very likely that your website users on advertising gradually produce visual fatigue, then you can test some new ad formats, ad placements and color, give the user some freshness.

CPC change


CPC is determined by advertisers and is not subject to publisher control. CPC much change is seasonal, for example, some industry ads will be more advertising funds during the holidays or students back to school.

advertisers advertising activities on the line or the end will have an impact on the CPC.

as a publisher, CPC the best way to improve is to choose to support all forms of advertising (text ads, image ads, video advertising, flash advertising and interactive advertising) advertising format, which can bring you more widely.

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