On the user to create value with guest website vitality

On the user to create value with guest website vitality

Now Taobao

passenger Wangzhuan has been at the leading position in the industry, relying on Taobao money off people are also more and more, Taobao seems to have a monopoly of guest Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project industry, other living space becomes narrow, since Taobao has become the guest Wangzhuan the "bellwether", so as to fight in Wangzhuan industry in the US, have to seriously consider the status of Taobao customers and the future development trend, so that we can get more profit.

, a true portrayal of the guest website

1 market crowded, complex website category

today, Taobao customer market has become saturated, largely because due to the strong propaganda mom in the home page, so that more and more people joined the ranks of the guest of Taobao, a lot of people think Taobao passengers must have their own website, which led directly to Amoy railway station is increasing, which led directly to the present situation of customer market crowded Taobao, and Amoy website very complicated category, the lack of a rational.

2 site style obsolete, lack of new ideas

be able to search a lot of the station on the Internet, but you will find these carefully browsing, the style of the website is almost a template, which can make people feel boring, lack of new things, it is difficult to lift people’s appetite, many things will all make people irritable, so don’t even want to in others earn money.

3 website content lacks value

this is all the biggest problem facing the Webmaster Station, because they have good advertising concealment, and even some guest station directly put ads as web content on the home page, advertising more will feel very irritable, or some people just open the website to see there are too many advertisements after directly off, thus losing a lot of tourists, so the station must can provide the user with some help, will be hidden in the advertising content of a website, which will attract more people into your site, it will create more value.

two, Taobao go off the road in front of

1 choose a suitable product, comprehensive promotion. Doing things must know how to focus, do Taobao customers too, so when doing the washing station, to choose a suitable broad market goods promotion, website keywords and navigation for new

2 to establish the connotation of Tao station. Optimization and making Taobao station must pay attention to the original, making a connotation of the website, to understand innovation, so your site will have prospects, also the content of the website is to be readable, attract others through your link to complete the transaction.

3 to establish a good reputation system, to provide customers with protected goods, to ensure that the customer’s right to know, at the same time to ensure the authenticity of the content of the site, always remember to win a good reputation

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