Do Wangzhuan you should have these SEO ability

Do Wangzhuan you should have these SEO ability

do Wangzhuan, SEO skills is very important, but why do some website optimization effect is good, but some sites did not up to what I want to do? It only means a question, you can have some difference seor. Can also say that he does not have the talent I want to discuss with you.

so, as a Seor, to have what ability? First of all, you have to have a strong execution, execution is simple, but it is not easy to do. The original is empty talk Zhao wants to have theoretical knowledge is very powerful, but it is difficult to use the battlefield, resulting in the defeat and go. We said today the execution, that is not empty talk, as long as the real effect will make people sit up and take notice of you.


is the sensitive level of search engine. We know that many search engines is not wholly intact, if you keep your old view, you can only be the Internet far behind, always walk in the shadow of others. But we also know that the insight is not simply with this, have skilled technical requirements, and from time to time to learn something new, know the message, naturally have a sensitive insight.

there is a problem is to learn hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, and we all have inertia, and often ignore the learning, but not in the network study is hesitant, because we all know who, but changing the network, a day without learning will be behind the period although some sensational, but not for a long time you will definitely feel strange, learning to work not so handy.

I would also like to emphasize a key issue is that in the network, as long as there is a certain degree of communication and communication ability, will be more easily recognized. We do work on the Internet, with the network transmission function is mainly to complete a series of communication with customers, with good communication skills is a must to seor. We often hear some people quit, there are new and more attractive work in absorbing them, but we should also be aware of the lack of communication skills, often let people show some problems in the mutual cooperation, cooperation and ultimately lose interest.

finally, I want to say is, do SEO, the beginning may be cooperating with others, it means working for others. But when you do after a period of time, your degree has reached a relatively high level, this time, you will feel that it is not a long slavishly dependent method, we need to work independently. To achieve this goal, I think we should start at a time on the first stage of the work in the accumulation of some organizational leadership, which is beneficial to carry out the day after you.

the net Wangzhuan ( feeds, A5 first please indicate the source.

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