Alternative buy service first offer and then discount

Alternative buy service first offer and then discount allows users to first quote, and then equipped with the most appropriate buy items

surface, is just an ordinary buy site, currently only in the company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. However, the site has some cool features, unlike Groupon and LivingSocial.

previous group buying site will only provide preferential information to the user, and the user may need to find the content from the massive information.’s approach is different: it allows consumers to buy a particular product and services, a psychological price, and then they and the price of the appropriate business and buy items linked.

in fact, is aimed at other groups to buy the business model to create business. What are some of these defects lists the following:

1, Groupon is not accurate enough. Groupon carpet bombing approach, only in the Columbus to send a 400 thousand mail, while the user response ratio of only 1/1000.

2, Groupon for all preferential activities using the same split mode. No matter what the scale of the activities, Groupon to draw from the 50%. The merchant can only get 25% of the profits.

3, businesses can only get a profit of 25% means that they need to expand the scale of the activities can be meaningful. However, they can not control the timing of the discount activities. For example, some users may go to the restaurant on the busiest night, using coupons for meals. But in such a time, the restaurant does not need coupons to bring traffic.

4, for some businesses, the trouble caused by preferential activities may damage the brand image.

therefore, Groupon is beneficial to consumers, but is not always conducive to merchants. tries to find a solution to solve the above problems. Its advantages include:

1 precision. In the past, the group buying service usually sends the preferential information to a large number of users blindly, while only provides users with the information they are interested in. Users need to be informed that they are interested in participating in certain promotions, and then they will only receive the content of interest. This idea seems simple, but Groupon did not think of this.

2 financial advantage. is free of charge for merchants. For the provision of coupons, only when the user after the merchant consumption, will charge 10%. For example, if consumers >