Migrant workers website was $2 million venture capital

Migrant workers website was $2 million venture capital

"Yes, recruitment, training information, also teach people how to safeguard their rights, is indeed a tailor for us." Usually like the Internet 24 year old Anhui migrant workers Wang Xinsheng, rarely seen so he felt so friendly site.

Wang Xinsheng on the website called "new farming door", the headquarters is located in Hangzhou. Its founder, is a 29 year old boy — "new farming door" network CEO Kevin shaw.

in Xiao Kewen’s view, the opportunity is created by a large number of migrant workers employment needs a large number of enterprises around, but can not find; some come from rural areas and migrant workers but because blindly in some big city around can not find a job, some graduated from technical school students may suddenly know about the enterprise employee demand. At this time, you need a platform to connect the two to guide the rational flow of migrant workers."

"current information farmers need most, mainly new varieties and new technology, the local agricultural products price information, to what do what the best places to work and income." Deputy director of the information center of the Ministry of Agriculture said Guo Zuoyu recently in Hangzhou to attend the first China migrant workers information forum, although the country a lot of this information, but how to build an effective platform to communicate that information to farmers, still need to work.

"we are hoping to build a migrant workers (blue collar), occupation school, enterprise, industrial parks, service agencies, media, government and the" new farmers "win eight strong labor resources service platform." Xiao Kewen said, one of the primary objectives of the new rural door network is to allow migrant workers to understand the information, in accordance with the actual needs of the rational flow guide.

"into" some new agricultural plate door ", we can see not only the enterprise employment information and types of work, as well as specific salary; if the skill is not enough, the site offers about 1000 corresponding occupation school training, after training, the website will tell you where there is the most suitable for your job." Xiao Kewen said that even if migrant workers do not have time or do not have access to the Internet, you can also call or get this information via SMS, so that their flow will not be blind.