Say goodbye how to make a stop for a failed product

Say goodbye how to make a stop for a failed product

The openness of

technology is the real power of the internet. Anyone can create a web site and anyone who has an idea can create the next Facebook. Regardless of gender, religion or race, as long as there is a code of mind and the desire to create, technology will be in your control.

entrepreneurs heart boundless passion is derived from this force — every one of them had in mind imagine himself as a great pioneer of the website or application. However, when the enthusiasm faded, people have to face the cruel reality, many new products have failed. So when your product fails, as a developer, you should do? How to turn off the product to make it glorious retreat, yoshina remaining, also retain room for you and the user, good


this article will cover: a key step to close a product, and in the process of closing, how to communicate with your users. Please note: This article is about closing a product or service. However, the closure of the product is usually accompanied by the company’s failure.



picture text: put up the shutters.

it is fear of failure is homely food,


in today’s business world, closing the product as a topic seems insignificant. From the "Time", and "Harvard Business Review", and will happily remind designers and entrepreneurial companies, the risk of failure is inevitable. However, there are few words about the actual process of closing the product – what is the cost of closing the product, what factors need to be considered, what will happen?.

believes that many readers have experienced failures in their careers. In the face of failure, the necessary measures are not the same. Some of the products, when the founders realized the user really poor, after having endured long and silent awake, they only need to quietly accept failure, but in many cases, you will need to stand up to the user that some things you really cannot, then decided to take practical action do you want to close the product.

The reason about the failure of

is already but what should be a commonplace talk of an old scholar, let it run silently products or completely closed, the key depends on the product to bring much of the burden.

when you’re thinking about closing your product, it may be because it has become your burden in the following ways:

financial burden

products are still profitable? All products require development and maintenance costs. Even if it is a website that only needs to rent a server, it is also a financial expenditure. If the product to make ends meet, it has caused the actual financial burden.

resource burden

do you have enough manpower to ensure the quality of customer service?