The portrait of Zhao Shicheng founded light luxury Luxuries network experience

The portrait of Zhao Shicheng founded light luxury Luxuries network experience


Zhao Shicheng: Shang Ye founder and CEO

Entrepreneurship: 2 years

industry: e-commerce

: when

prototype light luxury

before going abroad, I do a bank project in HP, is a very good sales of large customers. After studying in the United States, I joined a real estate trading company, responsible for the design of Internet products, but also witnessed the growth process of the Amazon, then determined to do electricity supplier.

after returning home in 2005, I found that the contractor is burn, will start from the background service start, founder of the Winteam news company, dedicated to the bank to do the overall solution of credit cards, such as online shopping mall; also the founder of the private catering enterprises to do online, customer relationship management background.

help in Construction Bank online mall, I was surprised to find that, compared with the price of is only one hundred or two hundred yuan, the price of bank online mall is as high as 3500 yuan, consumers are willing to spend a few thousand dollars to buy large appliances online, even diamond jewelry. This shows that the country has a number of consumer groups to pursue quality. They advocate LOHAS, like high quality, fashion but moderate price of goods. This idea, I called the "light luxury".

2011 I founded LuxeHome network, dedicated to doing light luxury, starting from clothing, footwear, luggage category three. I do a long war preparations, high-end merchandise is kept just below the line, Shin Kong, don’t look now so well three years ago is very difficult.

as a luxury online channel, it is very difficult to get brand authorization. Fortunately, we do not worry, one by one patient negotiations. In fact, there are many foreign luxury brands, because China has not been too late to be recognized. We invite them to work together to build the brand, to help them cooperate with fashion magazines, in order to establish long-term symbiotic ecological environment. Our sincerity gradually moved them, Sergio Rossi, DVF, Stuart Weitzman, DKNY, these luxury brands have given us authorization.

I think the luxury electric providers to win customers, end-to-end consumer experience is a must, Luxuries like Taobao, Tmall and other network can not do business platform, but the massive goods piled up, but to help consumers select suitable for their goods, which determines the LuxeHome network can only take the buyer for. It is no exaggeration to say that Luxuries every kind of clothes and shoes online, are trying out our buyers.

at the beginning we have some experience, such as into a luxury goods 10 million yuan, took a year to clear inventory. Most buyers later we are looking for overseas Chinese background, they can understand the luxury of tonality, and clearly what domestic consumers want. This year, Winnie, vice president of our introduction of ASH slope shipped with