When the network direct marketing advertising division of the monthly income of 30 thousand

When the network direct marketing advertising division of the monthly income of 30 thousand

stay at home, just click the mouse, the keyboard, the monthly 30 thousand yuan can be credited. This is the new look for all sorts of occupations by our joint pig Witkey network launched the "online advertising sales division". Hangzhou guy Li Yongjie through the development of Web site members, earn hits, has become a leader in the industry.

look advertising revenue in January thirty thousand

engaged in the emerging industry for their own, Li Yongjie agree with the network advertising direct division, the title. This on the Internet for many years in Hangzhou. In July 2006, created their own online advertising direct website "make friends network", the website integrates a variety of online advertising sales methods, such as "money", the money mode is very attractive, just click on the members of the usual Internet advertising and advertisers browsing the per click and stop for a certain time according to the requirements of advertisers, advertisers will pay a certain amount of money. Li Yongjie said that now his monthly income of about 30 thousand yuan stable. Li Yongjie said, in the industry, he did a good job, mainly through the development of members, together with them to make money".

development membership to improve efficiency

just started to do online advertising sales, the first four months of income only a few cents." Li Yongjie said, in fact, money is not so easy to imagine, the operation of a few days he found a person operating the project, it is difficult to obtain benefits in the short term, we must promote, so that more members of advertising, more members recommended, click on the amount of advertising is bigger, more profits.

Get paid to click on ads, "

members, and introduce more members of advertising, so as to get the recommended reward introducer. This is the network advertising marketing." Li Yongjie said, where the network is popular where he went to the post, often imagine a night on the development of a large number of members, help me greatly improve the speed of money."

noun explanation · network direct sales division

network advertising direct marketing is a way of making money through the Internet, is a commercial behavior in the era of network economy. It refers to the advertisement as a product, advertisers production of this product, and through certain channels (i.e. network advertising agency) are directly thrown into the target population, the target population and click on the advertisement, reward process.

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