Trumpet from entrepreneurs to money.

Trumpet from entrepreneurs to money.


2006 "win in China" this reality show as a symbol of the rise of the word start from the beginning of the fire across china.

after several years of breeding, now, entrepreneurship, the right time.

business, will have difficulties, often entrepreneurs basically will face several major problems: first, there is no one project. Second, there is no money items. Third, some people have money but no experience. Open business service website "and network", can be seen in the design of columns is obviously to the core needs to.

needs there? Because this is only a small team of 7 people in the company, in its entrepreneurial service platform was once included nearly 700 start-up projects. But now, this has been in the minds of entrepreneurs occupy a seat of the status of the entrepreneurial service site, in the end, this difficult journey, the end of failure.

ideal: do entrepreneurs "water and electricity services"


from 2003 and the rise of Taobao like heat, then, Taobao rise, everywhere is the shop Lang, but in the end only one to earn the most money, that is for the owner to provide "Taobao electric water service group of Alibaba, regardless of whether the owner is any money, this special offer" hydro "service for Taobao, the owner of the service business is to earn pours.

is the same as it should be applied to the field of entrepreneurial venture, since it was responsible for the business, of course there will be special services for entrepreneurs "water, electricity" role, do entrepreneurs entrepreneurs.


direction, indeed there have been some professional help entrepreneurs hydrotechnic, Pioneer Park, the first category is in some places, including University Park, to provide this kind of service service is mainly divided into two categories, one is dedicated to provide office space, give the hardware on the service, and then according to the hardware to do service. One is to provide soft services to the hardware, such as financial loan services, these two types of services are more common. Another class of entrepreneurial services do poineering work is all kinds of competition, through the provision of incentives to encourage entrepreneurs to produce good ideas.

but these institutions are all peer to peer services, just to provide entrepreneurs with a single entrepreneurial services, and did not allow entrepreneurs to interact or exchange between. At the same time also help entrepreneurs solve the core needs: first, financing, technology entrepreneurs, there is no risk capital injection is difficult to grow up quickly. Another is to help investors find the project, especially the fly project, and these two needs, and not very satisfactory.


, and founder Jinglun Luo had no experience in the Internet industry, earlier he is something in the IT industry. As for what is the reason for the site to enter the Internet in the field of entrepreneurship services, as long as the analysis of the environment, it will be issued

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