Hongkong people do not love the nternet business Even Li Jiacheng rarely voted in Hongkong

Hongkong people do not love the nternet business Even Li Jiacheng rarely voted in Hongkong

Every family has 1000M

cheap broadband access in Hongkong actually are not enthusiastic about the Internet business, why is this?! I horse share an article, the status quo of Hongkong Internet business the author tells what he knows. I dark horse, Hongkong is not the lack of Internet genes, but because the college graduates are more willing to join the financial sector, and the mainland and Hongkong information asymmetry, leading investors to investment projects in Hongkong, Hongkong entrepreneurs do not pay attention to the mainland market.


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Hongkong Internet status

at the beginning of January, Google’s executive chairman Schmidt to a trip to Hongkong. In a speech at Chinese University Hong Kong, he made a very attractive business training plan to provide mentors, the outstanding performance of the Hongkong funded entrepreneurs to visit the Google headquarters in mountain view, California to build a broader social network and so on. Even so, I doubt if he can pick out the right person. Earlier this year, issued a comparative study of Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao youth entrepreneurship, Hongkong young people’s willingness and confidence in the lowest.

is strange, and people can list a lot of Hongkong’s Internet business choice of reason. Hongkong set up the company’s procedures are simple, the tax system is simple, with one of the world’s fastest broadband network, Hongkong people have a high degree of enthusiasm for electronic products update. Rent is not a big problem. For entrepreneurs to prepare the shared work space has been increasing, I know at least 7, distributed in the place, including not just the remote corner of the lychee, including Hongkong district. Can be frustrating, but funny pictures and radio website 9gag application Talkbox, is not what a good business idea originated in Hongkong.

I can imagine how the people of Hongkong consider the opportunity cost. In Hongkong, doctors, lawyers, and financial practitioners are the three most highly recognized. In addition because of the high income occupation itself, where Hongkong is the most advantage of the industry, whether young or their parents are naturally think in these three industries are most likely to rise head and shoulders above others. The judgment on the industry based on Hongkong university business and legal professional admission scores, such as professional information engineering is near the bottom. As a result, fewer and fewer people in the Internet industry.

venture capital go?

yes, the question of money. VCs did to Hongkong more and more lack of interest, but Hongkong is not rich is not willing to invest in the Internet industry, Li Jiacheng’s harbor investment will support Facebook, Siri, Waze and map company, recently in Facebook is the fire generated by Bitstrips comics.

Shanda capital investment in Hongkong project is only Talkbox. The investment director Wang Gang told me that the Hongkong project is too small.

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