Gold station blog to make money zero cost without brain

Gold station blog to make money zero cost without brain

Name: zero cost is without having to spend a penny, the space domain is money, so the independent blog excluded, of course you want to use independent blog as a free blog can do, too.

no brain, it is better to understand, a pure mode, copy and paste, so I have a little talk, you will be so easy to copy, mode, but also easy to market saturation, start first to eat sweets.

novice do Wangzhuan give up easily.

novice in do Wangzhuan, many are not hard, but encountered difficulties? Stuck, give up. For example, the well-known SkyDrive money mode we all understand what it is? But it will often encounter a lot of problems.

, for example, do SkyDrive, general foreign IP advantage, then we will find some can share the resources of foreign resources station.

Baidu Google for a long time can not find the right resources, because they can not find the resources to give up;

and find resources, and see a lot of English headache, because of language and give up;

The successful launch of the

resources, but also immediately deleted by moderators, to give up because of unclear rules.

problems hindering the novice Wangzhuan, without certain perseverance or has a certain basis for the novice, it is easy because of a small problem and give up.

tell me which step you are having trouble with

I wrote the following about a thought Witkey make money, although the feeling express still is quite clear. However, many of the people who write a tutorial are easy to make a mistake: ignore what you think is simple.

so, in the course of the operation is difficult to tell me, you go to what step, what difficulties, please tell me, we work together to solve.


1, first of all, you must first prepare a blog: Sina blog is better, and the blog is also OK, as long as the free blog allows you to add HTML code. .

Sina blog registered address:

2, account pig Witkey, Witkey Chinese

3, in the 2 platform to find a blog related tasks

pig Witkey network, click on the select BLOG classification task under


A lot of

, is estimated to have hundreds, finished also has a few hundred dollars, a special election that pure copy paste + Links, this task is simple, generally 1 minutes to fix a



task has 10 pages

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