Find your market in nternet Marketing

Find your market in nternet Marketing

network marketing belongs to the category of marketing, then we need to find their own market in the network marketing. Today I said the market is a small range of marketing objectives. Compared to the health of the industry, the medical is a relatively small scope, and the relative medical treatment, the scope of the Northeast Medical smaller. The Northeast Medical Network on the choice of the most suitable for their own medical care in the northeast, small and precise positioning with the least effort to do the best, that is, to earn the most lucrative profits. You may think this position is too stingy, but because of the southwest to the northeast with all the way to see a doctor, of course, there is the possibility, but too little. After all, there is a person and material force, if you want to compete for the "medical" interest in such a big market, you need to ask how much capital, human can in such a big market, the competition is so fierce and show? Of course, some people can do, but from the back we start to say the low cost, low risk investment.

how to find a suitable small market, then the network marketing SEM? Products already have their own friends certainly very aware of their market, but how to break into the market is another question (the later mention). Friends do not have the product how to do? Do not worry, the benefits of network marketing is that you do not need too much professional knowledge and experience too high. Starting from their own interest in things to start, because doing things they like can often get twice the result with half the effort. For example, many friends love collecting stamps, so must know what philatelists are most concerned about, what is most needed; there is market demand, may create a similar Taobao like stamp trading platform to share for everyone to use. At the same time to facilitate everyone, to provide their own return.

so, so many good ideas have market demand? Market research is about data, evidence. We need to use accurate data to validate our ideas.

finally share with you a number, in 2007, $3 is the amount of billions of dollars to complete the transaction on the Internet, the number of 1 ppm is: $300000! Friends, $300 thousand / year!! just million 1. How many people can earn an annual salary of 1 of the half of this?. What’s more, we need more than half of the $1. In this paper, by the station feeds.

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