Amazon logistics can send Tmall goods but Tmall is willing to do

Amazon logistics can send Tmall goods but Tmall is willing to do

Amazon opened its own logistics services in China, whether you can shop on the Amazon platform can be used.


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has just become one of the nation’s third richest Amazon CEO Bezos has a new idea: from now on, whether you are on the Amazon shop, you can begin to use Amazon’s logistics services.

on the afternoon of October 27th, Amazon China announced a logistics + program in Shanghai, formally entered the logistics industry, especially for the Chinese market to fully open its logistics system.


according to the interface news reporter, the cooperation is unique in China in the Amazon region. That is to say, any China enterprises are likely to find Amazon seeking logistics cooperation, regardless of whether the shop on the Amazon platform, whether it is business or traditional Internet companies, including Tmall and the seller, if there is demand, can work with Amazon, the use of storage and distribution services of the Amazon Chinese.

because most of the cooperation is being discussed, Amazon did not disclose any details of the characteristics of the target cooperative enterprise. But because of the integration of cooperation Amazon solutions, in terms of price factors or from warehouse management details to determine, the logistics partners tend to operate in the China international chain brand, or have higher requirements of the brands of warehousing and logistics, such as Coach etc..

Amazon’s intention to open logistics from the platform of the logistics needs of enterprises. According to official statistics of the Amazon, in 2014, 70% of domestic sellers said that after the use of Amazon logistics services to enhance its sales of at least more than 20%.


global logistics Chinese President Xue Xiaolin said: "since 2010 we began to provide logistics services for the Amazon Amazon China platform sellers in Chinese, not only help reduce the operating pressure and the cost, but also improve the customer experience. We are very pleased to help them achieve business success through Amazon logistics."

Amazon logistics has nearly 20 years of experience in the world, operating line network densely. Has 109 operations centers in the world, the goods can be sent to 185 countries and regions around the world; in the country, especially in recent years, the launch of direct mail, direct mining and flash purchase three mode, called Amazon "sanbanfu". By pre stocking to the bonded warehouse, the international logistics delivery time can be shortened to 3 days.


Amazon since 2004, the acquisition of excellence into China, followed its successful experience in the construction of modern logistics system in the United states. But the development has been relatively slow. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the 2014 annual China online retail market data monitoring report >

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