Tmall international has also done in the middle of the year to promote 25 national commodity enough

Tmall international has also done in the middle of the year to promote 25 national commodity enough

Tmall yesterday announced the launch of the 2015 mid year promotional activities, which Tmall became one of the main battlefield of the big promotion, will introduce the world’s 25 countries, more than 300 thousand kinds of imported goods.

Tmall international general manager in the introduction of big promotion strategy

, according to Liu Peng, general manager of Tmall international, this year’s big promotion, Tmall international will focus on the depth of integration of the global supply chain, and there will be three highlights.

is the first highlight of the world’s top supermarket for the first time to participate in activities. On the one hand, the price, the main push of basic commodities and goods overseas country where the global same price even lower; on the other hand in the service, the main imports are "global parcel tax package".

participate in Tmall international big promotion overseas supermarket

second is the world’s largest direct mining. Tmall will jointly merchants to bring consumers import direct mining commodities throughout the cold chain provided by rookie network solutions, to ensure that fresh goods are enough in the shortest time and with the most fresh state to consumers, and the local government endorsement.

third highlights is the recent chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba and Cui Jionghuan, Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea’s Korean Pavilion will also participate in the event. Liu Peng said that in the future Tmall will usher in more national museum.

Tmall international cooperation partner

it is understood that this event, Tmall international key lock the world’s ten largest ranch, one hundred top wineries, ten orchards, four major fishing grounds, both the French Bordeaux wine, northwest cherries, Taiwan Ali camellia, Canadian spring live shrimp fishing first, direct supply of ice cream but also the United States, France, Switzerland Hagendasi Benjamin the British Thailand snow Jersey, Le Fu, Lotte, New Zealand, Belgium and other international Terry Godiva brands. In ensuring the world’s lowest at the same time, Tmall has also made "fresh Baopei" and "not live Baopei" and "the Baopei consumer service commitment.

is reported that the Tmall will promote the year from May 25th, lasted about a month, to participate in more than 20 thousand businesses. In view of this big promotion, Tmall put forward the mobilization of the general mobilization of the mobilization of the General Assembly + + marketing slogan.