Domain sales guide

Domain sales guide

how to choose domain name traders?

domain name traders to provide domain name transactions and intermediate services, it’s the process is like this:
1. seller commissioned domain name dealers to sell domain names.
2. buyers have to buy domain names, domain name dealers to inform the seller, the seller and the buyer to talk about good prices.
3. the buyer will pay the money to domain traders.
4. domain dealers deduct the commission from the money, the remaining half of the money to the seller, and asked the seller for the domain name transfer procedures.
5. domain name after the end of the household, the domain name dealer and then the other half of the money to the seller.

at present, there are dozens of Internet domain name trading site, in the selection of the following questions:

1. has this site successfully sold the domain name?
if the sale of domain name, which is the domain name, what is the price of them?

2. this site is not free to list your domain name?
if you want to charge, please do not choose this website. Because the domain name dealer is to make money by trading commissions, if you want to charge on this project, certainly can not attract buyers and sellers. Nowadays, the competition of domain name website is becoming more and more fierce, even the most famous domain name website is free of charge.

3. on this site, can anyone quickly find your domain name?

4. this site to carry out promotional activities for the domain name for sale?
light on the site domain name is not enough, but also the domain name dealers through traditional media and PR promotion good domain name, this is very important, a lot of famous domain name traders to do promotion for the good domain name. For example, at the end of last year and early this year, in the nation’s major city for several domain tour promotion, hire actors to participate in this promotion, is through this activity to a high of $3 million was sold to Bank of America (Bank of America Corp).

5. what is the Commission for this site?
each dealer charges a commission of multi domain name is not the same, generally in the transaction price between 3%-20%.

6. is this domain dealer honest? Do you have credit?
standard domain name traders and sellers to sign a contract, to protect the interests of all parties. Only honest, credit based domain traders

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