A Taobao shop owner’s Cottage Road

A Taobao shop owner’s Cottage Road


cottage this word should be 09 years of the most popular network words. Everyone’s views are not the same, at. But there is no doubt that the cottage to bring fun to our lives, which is the most valuable cottage itself. I also like the cottage of the East ah, very creative said.

[cottage cause]

I was in Taobao underwear store drops. I wrote a post about how I got to work on the Taobao men’s underwear business. Oh well received. A community home, thank you for your support! Hey, I this person, personality is a bit strange, when the "Taobao world" magazine, in 06 (52 pages show ah. The editor) said I was a sign to explain such people love something strange and eccentric. Have a keen sense of life.

digressing. Cut the crap, and also did not say what I copycat. How the cottage.

Dangdang when this thing!! this headset. Hey hey! Looks like it’s a knockoff.

You must

out. I am engaged in the underwear, how a jump, across so many industries, ah, animation products are not side.

actually, when I was reading the news, I found this stuff. Say this stuff is Japan’s latest products, this headset. At that time, I felt that the animation industry, the emerging industries, the potential market is also great to say. It’s so long, so it’s not hard to do.

I immediately on the Baidu search ah search, there is no oh. Ha-ha。 So I had the idea of building it. Actually, I didn’t even think about selling. This business is a big taboo ah.

one of the reasons I copied it is also: we Shantou this, in addition to underwear, as well as cosmetics, home service. Electronics, toys and other industries base. Among them, Chenghai toys are famous all over the world. So I see that there will have this idea, because for our place, a piece of cake. I’m just trying to hold on.

Cottage Road, started!

[cottage also hard]

when I opened this cottage, I found that, in fact, a simple thing, you imitate, but also difficult to drop.

this stuff, not a factory can be completed oh. Head hoop toy manufacturers, ear line and electronic manufacturers. Must be separated from production.

because I’m trying, I don’t dare to do it. Intends to produce 1000. However, the production of the East, the number of small factories can not be willing to take ah. What to do.

suddenly remembered that a relative in Shenzhen is doing headphones. He immediately Q, explained what he wanted. He also laughed at me, this is what ah. Well done

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