Depth interpretation how to play after the era of electricity supplier dividend policy

Depth interpretation how to play after the era of electricity supplier dividend policy

Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting yesterday, the deployment of perfect consumer goods import and export related policies, causing widespread concern and discussion of cross-border electricity supplier industry. Billion state power network with a number of cross-border platform responsible person, senior seller, relevant agencies, service providers in the depth of communication, the following policy interpretation.

policy interpretation:

1 major

for domestic consumers, good; for import and export trade, import good; for cross-border electricity supplier industry, the short-term bearish, long-term good; for domestic brands, in the short-term bearish; for cross-border O2O concept, good for gray channels, bad.

2 need to be aware of is: the introduction of this policy is aimed at the entire import and export trade, rather than primarily for the current cross-border electricity supplier model, nor is it simply for cross-border electricity supplier import deregulation.


government’s basic intention is to do everything possible to stimulate domestic consumption potential, to promote it as a new force to stimulate import and export trade. The State Council and the customs under financial pressure outside sound, let consumer goods import channels further liberalized, worthy of applause.

3 cross-border electricity supplier import policy depression effect is no longer obvious, the tax bonus period will end. But whether the policy is high or low, the macro will go forward.

first, tax on imported consumer goods of general trade will be reduced, the consumption tax adjustment will be part of the category (now presumably should be mostly the possibility of decline), this leads to a decrease in the cross-border electricity supplier import rely on parcel tax advantage. In the future, the main general trade import electricity supplier will have the price of electricity and cross-border electricity supplier war.

second, because the tariff is a tax in many imports, so the impact on the industry and did not imagine so much (many electronic products have zero tariff), 17% of the value-added tax reduction, most categories of consumption tax does not change (the import of cosmetics is a major positive).

again, future imports in the general trade and cross-border electricity imports in the tax system and tax rates may be unified, comprehensive tax rate than the current general trade import tax rate, tax exemption will reduce the starting point, may be canceled, all goods equally.

4 to support the development of cross-border electricity supplier import and export inspection and quarantine policy to a certain extent positive, speculated that the inspection threshold will be reduced, the way may be diversity.

for the industry, the tariff should not be the most critical issue (for consumers, perhaps), commodity inspection is. But the country is concerned, no country’s national defense is not, the future of how to follow up the inspection and quarantine departments are a problem, it is worth focusing on.

5 is a further shock to domestic brands and commodities, especially cosmetics and apparel categories. But in the long run, this is actually a positive stimulus for China’s manufacturing industry chain upgrading.

6 cross-border O2O >

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