By the end of 2016 to 2017 electricity supplier + live there will be a big outbreak

By the end of 2016 to 2017 electricity supplier + live there will be a big outbreak

in Hangzhou · 2016; Yunxi conference Video++ live + special Betta live co-founder Garfield salt (Wang Yan) said that by the end of 2016 to 2017, the electricity supplier + broadcast will be a huge outbreak.

is currently focused on solving the three problem:

how to improve its cash flow model;

how to use a better topic to the electricity supplier with the depth of live together;

how to scale it, standardized.

Garfield salt also proposed how to live, electricity, anchor, even at the same time billing discussion and evaluation commodity audience mobilized, is the biggest difference with the traditional business, live the barrage, the user’s perception in the top of the page, while the traditional electricity supplier website is on the following.

entrepreneur will Garfield salt speech as follows, with the big coffee mind, presumably not wrong:

today, I talk about the theme of the webcast and the red economy to explore, but the word is now not very much like the use of red, so the discussion with the anchor economy.

sense of ceremony is the biggest difference between video and live

we are more focused on the interaction between the audience and the audience as a content anchor. This includes a lot of investors asked me, I think the biggest difference between live video. I think the most important thing is the sense of ritual. For example, today such a share, in fact we don’t need to say that many people went to the scene, can see the direct distance in bed, rushed to the scene to why? Because the video interactive sense less than video broadcast, video live less than we really sit to the site to see the feeling of popular words is a sense of ritual, ceremony is the biggest difference with the live video.

A project called

do Betta live broadcast, completely without editing, the original content to provide to you, this is a form of broadcast industry. Do not modify the clip is very critical, for example, before the live broadcast of millet, you will see in the live broadcast of any sudden scene, any interesting thing.

because I started in 2007 DOAT video commentary, was responsible for the Dezhou poker video commentary, so the first day do we think Betta, the problem is how to better serve the host, rather than the traditional video website, how good service for the audience. In the live platform, the audience and the anchor is equally important point, we do when we consider how to make a deep interaction between the anchor and the audience, and even everyone together in a point. For example, they have a prop called rocket, with the traditional flowers are not the same, the equivalent of the audience reward a rocket, tell you to grab a red envelope, this item appeared, other platforms within a month have also done similar props, why this item at a live industry. At present, the most popular standard? Then summary, it is consistent with the three party.

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