Taobao mobile phone daily over 80 million active users start twelve

Taobao mobile phone daily over 80 million active users start twelve


technology news on December 3rd news, Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng said today in the mobile phone Taobao Strategy Conference, as the world’s largest mobile consumer platform, Taobao mobile phone daily active users has exceeded 80 million. "Mastering the consumption, grasp the" 1212 universal Festival launching ceremony held today in Hangzhou.


mobile phone users over 80 million

Tmall 11 in the day of the turnover of the day of 57 billion 100 million, the amount of mobile transactions reached $24 billion 300 million, of which the vast majority from the phone Taobao client. Currently Taobao mobile phone users on average over 80 million.

Zhang Jianfeng said that as the world’s largest mobile business platform, Taobao mobile phone discovery mechanism in the continuous improvement of the product, so that consumers can more accurately find the needed goods; at the same time, Taobao mobile phone will also achieve a variety of goods and services and continuous efforts. In 2014, Taobao and Taobao mobile phone has been concerned about the consumer with live entertainment, and strive to become the consumer’s life partner". Currently, in the mobile phone Taobao, consumers can easily enjoy more than 10 thousand kinds of life services. Such as the purchase of movie tickets and online seat selection, ticket booking and hotel at any time to achieve zero seconds to check out, also can Amoy nanny, whenever and wherever possible to find someone to help you run errands, and two for a permit, and the lost property etc..

in the upcoming 1212 Taobao ceremony, Taobao mobile phone and Taobao will also launch a series of experience goods and services. During December 1st 12, Taobao mobile phone consumers through the chest Korah treasure, to obtain general packet traffic and ginseng, crab, 50 thousand pieces of fresh food tasting opportunities and so on; Taobao and Taobao in the mobile phone, more than 2 thousand independent designer brands and more than 4 thousand world-class manufacturers direct supply to meet consumer demand for high quality and personalized life; 500 real estate real estate channel joint Taobao launched 40 thousand sets of houses, in addition to consumers online booking showings, can also direct online payment into the highest province 3. In addition, in the city, 50 thousand lazy people will enjoy free door-to-door delivery, will help you direct service laundry dry cleaning service coat factory; all the provinces except Tibet, second-hand car dealers can help you free on-site car free valuation services. (munan)

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