What will break the fast consumer goods, daily necessities and durable consumer goods, what is the b

What will break the fast consumer goods, daily necessities and durable consumer goods, what is the b

recently went to Beijing a famous in the downtown area of entertainment, retail, catering for the whole market, but was surprised to see that the traffic is very few, and the majority of operators out of spirits. The rapid development of e-commerce, one of the reasons is that China’s high housing prices and high rents, the cost difference between the line on the opening. Although the online operating costs are increasingly high, but the flat channel advantage + zero real rent electricity supplier basically than similar products in line with at least 10% to 20% cheaper. This advantage is not equal to a certain business electricity supplier can be transformed into a victory. Because category management is a very complex thing.

FMCG consumer electricity supplier

do not easily think FMCG business is an easy thing to do. FMCG business must first have a relatively high added value products like clothing and footwear, is also a kind of fast consumer goods, but the price is low it is difficult to operate. On the contrary, although fierce competition in 3C products, such a strong rival Suning cable, but the high price of consumer goods easy to scale. Secondly, FMCG providers should have an efficient supply chain. Amoy brand is now the main problem is not to control the supply chain, or supply chain management loopholes. Supply chain management is an outstanding vip.com and Liebo has achieved rapid development. Third, FMCG marketing costs are relatively high. Fast consumer goods, after all, is not a necessity, activate the user needs to pay a larger marketing costs. The low price of millet phone marketing costs for digestion is unfavorable, do not think that e-commerce marketing costs will be low. On the contrary, e-commerce is not visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste the full experience, coupled with the current lack of domestic credit, electricity supplier marketing costs will be relatively high. In addition, a large number of electricity providers are positioned in the FMCG consumer electricity supplier, resulting in extremely fierce competition. Especially the electronic business platform bonus stage is over, the electricity supplier into a new stage of the whole network marketing and channel competition, FMCG business management becomes more complex, if the adoption of the diversification strategy, the slightest mistake will be cash flow tight.

necessities electricity supplier

electricity supplier electricity supplier is easy to ignore the market. The necessities of life are mainly concentrated in the three categories of food, daily necessities and books. Need to explain here, many people do not think that books are necessities of life, which is basically the era of knowledge economy, the performance of illiteracy. In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge can be acquired through the Internet, the value of the book is not. But in fact, the acquisition of systemic knowledge and professional knowledge still need to make full use of time to read some serious book, otherwise there is no difference between illiteracy. Electricity supplier operating the three systems is the marketing system, operating system and innovation system.

daily necessities have a higher frequency of purchase, but lower gross margin, is very difficult to operate products. The future for the focus of the necessities of life must be in the food business, food business difficult to. In the food category, not all products are necessities, such as leisure food

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