sellers sold out special purchases for the Spring Festival hot part sellers sold out special purchases for the Spring Festival hot part

Lunar New Year approaching, a large number of users flocked online purchase China online sellers even some special purchases for the Spring Festival, had to suspend delivery service.

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English "China daily" reported that the China largest online shopping website of Taobao (, in January this year, the transaction volume of special purchases for the Spring Festival from last year’s 280 million yuan (RMB, same below, about 58 million dollars) jumped to 1 billion yuan. sellers at the first month will be posted to stop orders or stop the delivery notice, some reduction in shipments in the week before, some online shopping fans anxious.

26 year old Zhang Chi said: I think I have a ‘Taobao syndrome’, I can not help but go into the shop to buy things, always feel that this is also like that want."

express in the business before five days, a total consumption of more than 3000 yuan in the Taobao online, including three boxes every day to drink collagen drink, also once had some clothes store to participate in various meetings of the new year.

said many sellers will try to put before the business going, for example by year-round EMS (EMS). However, the price of EMS is generally higher than the general delivery of twice as high, which used to cheap online shopping buyers or a psychological threshold.

the number of Chinese Internet users reached 384 million, is the world’s largest Internet users. Data show that last year, China’s online shopping market is still a continuation of the rapid growth in the past two years, the annual online shopping market transactions close to 250 billion, reaching $248 billion 350 million, an increase of 93.7%.

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