The number of S connections on the virtual host

The number of S connections on the virtual host

    often see someone cursed the space: it is 100 connections, but only a few dozen people online would not open. Here a number of IIS connections in detailed, and I hope to help you. If your connection is not enough, remove some pictures, especially small icons such as NEW (see my station, almost without a picture, of course you have the money to buy a server to buy big space, another matter) the best use of the framework calls, not to engage in those who did not use the LOG0 link, both for resources, and help the search ranking.

        when a web page is browsed, the server will establish a link with the browser’s browser, each link represents a concurrent. When the page contains a lot of pictures, the picture is not a show, the server will produce a number of links at the same time send text and pictures to improve browsing speed. If the more pictures in the page, the more the number of concurrent links. When a picture or page is sent by the server, the server closes the link to create a link to the other requestor. Each concurrent is almost instantaneous complete in a few milliseconds and tens of milliseconds between.
as shown above, is to limit the website 12000 IIS digital link


IIS connection number refers to the number of concurrent connections Xiangjie
IIS connection number refers to the number of concurrent connections, to be divided into several situations: (in the 100M space of 50 people online for example)
A single point users to download your file, after the normally open, these connections are in accordance with the calculation of the moment, that is you 50 the website also can accept 50 instant download
B users open your page, even if the page is not to stay in the server to make any request, then the user opens the side after 20 minutes will be considered an online, that other page user network station you 50 people 20 minutes for different users to open a 50 page
C above B to open the same website, so the number of online users in accordance with the last click (request) after 20 minutes in the 20 minute calculation. No matter how the user clicks (including the new window open) are still one online.
D when you have a frame within the page (Iframe), then each frame will be more than double the online! Because it is equivalent to the user at the same time to the server requests multiple pages.
E when the user opens the page and then close the browser, the user’s online number will immediately clear.

then understand what is the number of online forums.
online forum calculates only within a certain period of time the number of active users.
the time here users can set their own (delete user activity time), Dvbbs default is relatively accurate values for 40 minutes.


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