Double eleven buy carefully after being part of the preferential price of the pit is higher than the

Double eleven buy carefully after being part of the preferential price of the pit is higher than the

Xie Ceng

"double eleven" shopping Carnival again swept, each hand chop Party group and the feast began once a year. National Development and Reform Commission on November 3 issued a reminder to the network retail business, listing the number of businesses in the promotion of the need to pay attention to avoid. But the reporter in several business platform survey found that some businesses are walking, part of the business of the price even higher than the original price". Consumers need to pay more attention when shopping, the use of parity tools and other ways to see the discount and then shot.

discount rate is not so big

yesterday, the public Mr. Gu released a micro-blog, "like this at the beginning of November rose from 384 yuan to 549 yuan, and then sell the" double eleven "variation of 274 yuan, with the plugin can see very clearly". Micro-blog also with Nike Tmall official flagship store a set of head sweater "double eleven" preferential screenshots, pictures show the sale price of 549 yuan, "double eleven" of the "global Carnival price 274 yuan, while the show from a shopping assistant plug-in for nearly a year the price trend, from March 27th to October 29th this year the commodities, are priced at 384 yuan. It’s cheap, but it’s not as big as it claims. In accordance with the shop page, Nike flagship store audience 4 fold, this sweater in November 11th the day of purchase, you can enjoy the preferential price of less than 50 percent off; but before the half price, at the most is called 30 percent off.

"cut the hand" Miss Wang commented: "usually pay more attention to the price, or the use of parity software, can fully understand the business," let liqueur 4 fold, 5 fold ‘in the’ play ‘means. Don’t know the business is to create profits or gimmicks, we do not know what we really think."

industry insiders said that each year before the double eleven, some businesses will be so operation, the purpose is to hit a single day sales high. It is understood that part of the electricity supplier platform requirements to participate in commodities are unified call 50 percent off, so that less than 50% of the profits of the business will do Peibenshengyi? Of course not, so some businesses will first raise the price and then discount.

reporter on the computer to install a parity software, random stroll several well-known electricity supplier discount store. Last year "double fire eleven" during the period of a cotton Tmall flagship store hit "the end of the year 50 percent off" the slogan of this year, 3 to 18 bags of baby soft cotton towel price 324 yuan, "double eleven" preferential price of 162 yuan. From the late September to the end of October, the product prices will continue in 162 to 298 yuan in November 5th to 324 yuan fluctuation.

promotional price is more expensive than the original price

first price and then discount the price of some businesses, although some of the pits, but the price is still cheaper than the price at least. As long as the necessities of life, it is indeed cheap, even some of the low discount, and many consumers with such an idea to continue to buy buy buy, I did not expect to encounter more pit

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