A tear into the eyes of the electricity supplier gangster vision, electricity supplier industry to p

A tear into the eyes of the electricity supplier gangster vision, electricity supplier industry to p


recently, Hangzhou small network technology company has decided to open a new packaging box as a tear off its packaging boxes, a stone stirred up Melaleuca, triggering a number of controversial companies, there are objections, support. It turned out that the new carton is a good experience for everyone, but the price is 1-2 times the ordinary cardboard boxes, for this reason, small companies spend more than 5 million on the carton procurement costs. We focus on a time focused on the 5 million, the 5 million, in the end worth?

let’s take a look at the things happened: small is taobao.com cosmetics and perfume online retailers. Brought together Estee Lauder, Chanel, CK, DIOR and other nearly 500 well-known cosmetics brands, becoming the first choice for many people to buy the world’s first line of cosmetics trust platform. In April 2014, small also decided to enable an innovative packaging as the company’s express packaging box. This means that the amount of the purchase of small packaging supplies also increased nearly 1 times a year, the need to spend more than $5 million.

according to internal staff revealed that the reason to spend money to buy a new packaging carton, is to give users a 3 second pleasure". So, what is 3 seconds of pleasure, and what is the relationship between the small packaging carton and the user experience?

The original

, 3 seconds of pleasure, the user brings refers to the purchase of new small carton box of pleasure. Different from the traditional FedEx box, this box does not have any tape, torn box surface of the "zipper" can be opened out of barrier free goods, the whole process should not exceed 3 seconds. The instantaneous opening experience, also known as the "3 seconds of pleasure".

1, the user experience to promote the development of the packaging box, packaging to promote the electricity supplier industry forward. Since the case is also not difficult to find, for the electricity supplier manufacturers, the user experience is often played a decisive factor. If the user is the pursuit of the pros and cons of product quality and product price advantage, then the future is more concerned about the user service and details. Small precisely discern here, aware of this, increase the investment choice of a simple and convenient new Express "a torn carton". Is the user feedback and experience to promote the improvement and development of FedEx box; the future may be because of the reform of FedEx box, triggered a new electricity supplier industry "revolution", and then promote the electricity industry forward.

2, the electricity supplier not only to sell products, but also should pass the brand and care. Unlike just unfolding a few years ago, now the electronic commerce into the development stage of blowout, many Taobao and Tmall businesses, and other business platform are the biggest quality and price, but ignore the construction of brand. For users, the quality and price of goods is considered on the one hand, but at the same time, know how to care for the user, know how to pass the brand and care for the enterprise to have more development prospects. I believe that most people have the experience of online shopping, a friend of the author had received a package wrapped around the same as the explosive bag

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