Micro shop influx Jingdong WeChat entrance price lower than the same POP

Micro shop influx Jingdong WeChat entrance price lower than the same POP

news June 9th, launched nearly two weeks before the date of entrance WeChat Jingdong has made new progress. We have learned that Jingdong WeChat entrance in the source of goods, order list, channel architecture, etc. have some subtle adjustments.

first, in terms of the source of goods, Jingdong WeChat entrance from the micro shop products increased significantly. It is understood that although Jingdong micro shop has been considered an important highlight of WeChat Jingdong entrance, but the entrance early on the line, the vast majority of merchandise from the Jingdong platform (including self-employed and POP), not from the micro store basically.

WeChat shopping channel from Jingdong micro shop began to increase the number of goods

and recently, Jingdong micro shop products appear in the WeChat shopping channel significantly increased the probability, and users can browse a single product after entering the store to browse the same store micro store goods.

we have noticed a phenomenon, many Jingdong POP platform businesses if the same time opened a micro shop, then its goods in the WeChat shopping channel will have two kinds of presentation path. For example, Jingdong POP platform merchant fun play network, its micro shop and Jingdong POP platform products can be presented in the shopping channel, and the price of the same product may be lower in the micro shop.

fun fun gift flagship store in Jingdong POP platform commodity

fun to play Jingdong micro shop also has a similar product, and the price is lower

but it is worth mentioning that, although Jingdong micro shop goods have begun to gradually access WeChat shopping channel, but its proprietary and POP platform with Jingdong still have a different treatment:

on the one hand, the user has a single commodity, the Jingdong will be divided into "micro shop orders" and "Jingdong order two; more importantly, the current WeChat search keywords shopping channel intelligent direct Jingdong platform products, not to micro shop – which means that, unless the home has recommended location Jingdong, micro shop goods are difficult to appear in front of users.

search for keywords, can only be found to Jingdong POP platform goods, can not be found in the same micro shop

in addition to the introduction of more micro store merchandise, WeChat shopping channel recently there is a slight adjustment is "new discovery" column increases the list of categories, mainly divided into selection, digital life, women, men, such as the first 6 categories. The on-line shopping channel in WeChat early discovery of new goods is not much, so there is no category division.

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